I am creeping through the forest.

Yes ... I can hear you. Hello?

under the sun

Old style travels.

Saying goodbye for today.

Epic Scale.

Epic Scale is a series of collages. The collage consists of a real world photo and a scale miniature. If it fits a self-portrait in reenactment or cosplay costume is put to the scene as well.


Along the lines of urban life the view is always directed to the horizon, to points beyond our view and mind.

There be dragons.

A sub-series of five of this series has won First Place in the International Photography Awards 2016 (IPA) in the category Special, Micro, Non-Professional

Passione Engadina 2015.

The Passione Engadina is a classic Italian cars race. The 2015 race started from two points. I joined the start at the Dolder Grand in Zürich.